Por K. T. Em 13/Apr/2024 :

    Título : Fave smoke
    Comentários : This plant needed no attention. It just grew itself basically. Small yield but awesome smoke. I'm smoking as I write and I'm realizing that I really love the way this smokes tastes and feels. Buying again immediately

    Por S. S. Em 09/Apr/2024 :

    Título : Sago
    Comentários : Zum Test geholt, wächst extrem schnell, gestern geerntet (Bei mir waren es vom setzen des Sames bis zur Ernte exakt 68 Tage) und bildet schöne gleichmäßige Buds (Ertrag kann ich jetzt noch nicht sagen im Trockengewicht, nass hat mir hier eine Pflanze im Schnitt ca 80 Gramm geliefert - SCHÄTZUNG AUS ERFAHRUNG, da ich die Buds erst nach dem Trocknen abschneide von der Pflanze) Fazit: Wer mal was schnelleres haben will und bereit ist dafür mehr zu Zahlen, macht hier nichts falsch. Nach dem Trocknen folgt hier nochmal ein Update zu Geschmack und Wirkung.

    Por J. S. Em 09/Apr/2024 :

    Título : Perfect plant
    Comentários : This is a good plant for small areas and quick time, smells and taste awesome!!! Will definitely order again!!!

    Por J. S. Em 09/Apr/2024 :

    Título : Fast and full
    Comentários : Still in early vegetative stage but growing fast and full! Very impressed so far!

    Por P. W. Em 03/Apr/2024 :

    Título : Yilmaz
    Comentários : Bis jetzt sehr zu frieden, wächst nicht all zu hoch und fängt schnell an zu blühen , bin gerade in der 6. Woche , aber ich denke um die 60 Tage vor Keimen bis zur Ernte ist wirklich realistisch. Bin von dem Speed der Pflanze begeistert. Bin gespannt wie das Endprodukt wird. Werde es alleine wegen der Geschwindigkeit der Pflanze noch einmal bestellen. Empfehlung für jeden der nicht warten kann und es schnell braucht

    Por D. P. Em 03/Apr/2024 :

    Título : Super schnelle
    Comentários : Klase👍

    Por A. R. Em 27/Mar/2024 :

    Título : Andreas
    Comentários : Perfekt

    Por D. I. Em 27/Mar/2024 :

    Título : Herr Klabautermann
    Comentários : 2/3 keimten direkt nach 2 Tagen, und trotzen vor Stärke. Sehen wirklich sehr Vital aus und wachsen wirklich auch sehr schnell. Der DRITTE keimte vorerst nicht. Ich hatte den schon aufgeben und plötzlich am vierten Tag ca. war er da :-D. Hinkt natürlich seinen Schwestern etwas hinterher, sieht aber soweit genauso kräftig aus. Ich habe auch keine optimalen Bedingungen sondern eher ein Amateur SetUp und dennoch machen die einen regelrechten SpeedRun. In diesem Sinne Realistische 9/10.

    Por A. S. Em 21/Mar/2024 :

    Título : J.F.
    Comentários : Absolutely incredible! The fastest and easiest growing seeds I have ever tried.

    Por L. B. Em 18/Mar/2024 :

    Título : O
    Comentários : F1 Hybrid Seeds - robust, high yields, excellent taste and effects. Perfect for all growers.

    Por L. S. Em 18/Mar/2024 :

    Título : Fast af
    Comentários : I got 2 plants under a 150x Marshydro. Little setup but insane plants. Growroom is slightly to small (80x80x160) in horizontal. Gonna try next time just one plant instead of two. The plant went after about 30 days into flowering. Been now 55 days and they are almost ready for harvest. Can't wait! No strong smell, just when I open the growbox. Good Job RQS!

    Por P. T. Em 18/Mar/2024 :

    Título : Top
    Comentários : La migliore testata fino ad ora

    Por J. B. Em 14/Mar/2024 :

    Título : 4/5
    Comentários : Fast germination

    Por R. G. Em 05/Mar/2024 :

    Título : First time
    Comentários : Will try this strain for the first time. Hope for a "bomb" by RQS!

    Por L. M. Em 04/Mar/2024 :

    Título : Super fast
    Comentários : This variety waits for no one, goes straight where it needs to go and blooms without asking permission! Very small and compact for now but it grows quickly and has sprouted many pistils from every part of the plant, sowed two successfully. Recommended

    Por O. C. Em 12/Feb/2024 :

    Título : Katy
    Comentários : Ça pousse comme dans un rêve et en 24 24 c'est parfait. Je vais essayer de faire un peu plus la prochaine fois

    Por A. M. Em 12/Feb/2024 :

    Título : PS
    Comentários : Todella nopea ja hajuton.

    Por F. T. Em 12/Feb/2024 :

    Título : So goood
    Comentários : easy to grow, very good harvest. smelless: incredible

    Por A. P. Em 08/Feb/2024 :

    Título : F1
    Comentários : Coltivata due volte sono molto tra di loro reggono bene lo stress , 3 piante 240 g do 4 stelle

    Por B. C. Em 07/Feb/2024 :

    Título : Crazy fast germination
    Comentários : Sowed the seed into a rapid rooter plug then placed in germination tray with humidity dome and heat mat on Saturday then Monday night she sprouts with cotyledons. Can’t wait to see how she turns out. Thanks RQS

    Por M. H. Em 22/Jan/2024 :

    Título : Light 24h
    Comentários : Im surprised exacly 60fays. Now is my 3th season. I love it, strong and fast. So its creazy promotion IBought 10x. Yeld its arround 35g. 5 plants and 100w led mars

    Por K. D. Em 05/Jan/2024 :

    Título : Daguzan karine
    Comentários : Super bien

    Por C. G. Em 28/Dec/2023 :

    Título : Giant Plants
    Comentários : This was my second grow and I must say, what a plant to grow Hydro! Took me 80 days total to grow 4 of these! Grew seeds straight in 15l autopots with airdomes, 50% coco 50% perlite as substrate, Only used plagron Cocos A Cocos B Nutrients full grow , 420w pureled quantum board, 4x4 tent. Plants grew very big, 140cm was tallest and shortest was around 95cm! Considering grow took 80 days, yield was exceptional at over 900g dry! I did No training and very little defoliating, even though these plants have an insane amount of leaf's! Average DLI beyond seedling stage was around 45 and I followed a VPD chart when I went into flowering! Will Grow Again!!!!!!!!!

    Por J. F. Em 18/Dec/2023 :

    Título : Firt Time
    Comentários : RQS is the only way to go. The competition is no match.

    Por D. R. Em 15/Dec/2023 :

    Título : Lightening fast
    Comentários : Potent, easy to grow, great yield strong, strong smell but easy to conceal almost 60 days exact. Newbie grower but I feel like a veteran right now 3 oz from each

    Por P. K. Em 20/Nov/2023 :

    Título : Pit
    Comentários : Schnell (60Tage).... kleine, harte Buds, Durchschnitt 33g trocken... lecker!

    Por J. N. Em 30/Oct/2023 :

    Título : Impressed
    Comentários : Very healthy vegative fase. Even with only using potting soil and sand. It is small but all i did for LST was tie down the mainstem once with a pipecleaner. Forming good 5 tops. It shed many fan leaves into flower but i think thats because i used very old soiltabs(gonna buy better next time) The flowering time of 30-40 days does not hold true for me. They must have a super setup RQS. New pistils and Calyxis still establishing for me with this time. Still impressed with genes though. Uniform Whats more important i can grow this without a charchoal filter. A closet grow without smell without filter in a terraced house is kinda revolustionizing tbh. All i need is my 250W hps. 4 pots, 50l pottingsoil and sand. And a Half hitch knot with a small rope. And my closet is full of weed. So easy. Will buy again Oh and orion is also great. Slightly more lenghty bulky firefoxy Soon ready to harvest, bet the smoke is great also

    Por D. A. Em 23/Oct/2023 :

    Título : Good
    Comentários : 10/10

    Por A. G. Em 17/Oct/2023 :

    Título : Das ist der Formel 1 Rennwagen unter RQS Sorten
    Comentários : Leider hat ein Mitarbeiter von RQS beim verpacken nicht richtig aufgepasst .... Denn normalerweise hätte er sehen müssen, das 1 von den 5 Samen beschädigt war und zu 99% nicht keimen wird. Normalerweise hätte der RQS Mitarbeiter diesen 1 Samen wegwerfen müssen, vor allen Dingen weil die F1 Hybrid Samen teuer sind! Wie auch immer, ich gebe trotzdem 5 Sterne für den Speed der Pflanze. Habe schon einige Autoflowers gegrowt, aber diese hier hängt sie alle ab. Der Speed den sie an den Tag legt ist unfassbar. Die geht nach knapp etwas über einer Woche schon in die Vorblüte lol. Ist aber nach 1 Woche auch schon so groß wie andere (normale) Autoflower erst nach 2-3 Wochen. Die Epsilon geht richtig steil. Freue mich schon auf das Ergebnis. Achja, 4 von 5 gekeimt. 3 von den 4 sehen aus wie Drillinge. Die vierte ist ein klein wenig "buschiger" und kleiner. Aber das ist kein Problem mit Low-Stress-Training. Krass ist der Speed - das ist der Ferrari unter den Cannabissorten von RQS.

    Por G. D. Em 16/Oct/2023 :

    Título : top
    Comentários : snel , meer dan 5 sterren ,

    Por B. S. Em 09/Oct/2023 :

    Título : Best plant ever
    Comentários : Made indoors growing, used fabric pot, she grew beautifully and very fast, I didn't use any lights and she grew so fast. Also it almost doesn't smell until the harvest Tastes great and it helped a lot with my heart pain ☺️ Thank you Royal Queen Seeds

    Por R. B. Em 25/Sep/2023 :

    Título : Cannot wait to receive these hopefully a staple in the future
    Comentários : After reading the grow diaries for these seeds and the photos accompanying them i cannot wait to attempt to grow these ladies with the quick turn around and still great yields and properties i hope it will be a great grow and smoke.

    Por J. R. Em 25/Sep/2023 :

    Título : Holy smokes alot...
    Comentários : This is the fastest growing plant I have ever seen. I am a huge fan... be ready because she kicks butt right out of the gate and never stops. I usually do my own thing, but trying out this seed I followed what RQS recommended for growing media and light schedule. Truthfully didn't do any of my normal proper growing techs like ph and ppm my water, hold to a crazy feeding schedule. Literally new strain and new nutrients I hadn't tried the 2 pt cultivation nation dried stuff installed of making my own. Threw some compost in the mix. Ran some hydrogen peroxide through the roots once a week, and it was all start to finish in a spider farmer fabric 5 gal pot. In 17 years of growing I have never had a plant that was so easy to time perfectly or has grown so easily throughout some insanely hot days. I set this baby and forgot her and just let it ride to see the outcome... turns out she's blown my mind and I'm doing another order today to run the same test through the fall months to see the outcome. If this truly is as uniform as they claim between batches it may take the place of most of my other strains in my grow area. I cannot thank RQS enough for creating this stellar plant.

    Por J. B. Em 21/Sep/2023 :

    Título : Very easy!
    Comentários : Little to no work required! Great auto

    Por R. B. Em 12/Sep/2023 :

    Título : Mr-Tester
    Comentários : Ich habe angefangen diesen strane zu testen was habe ich gemacht typische Anfängerfehler überwässert, überdüngt hatte 3 Umzüge hinter sich 3 x wurde der Lichtzyklus geändert all so andere Dunkelphasen Normalerweiße schneidet man keine Automatik ich habe aber einfach mal Blätter abgerissen All so Klartext diese Pflanze hatte es nicht Gut bei mir, da ich testen wollte, was für eine Power dieser strane hat, Ich habe gedacht da kommen vielleicht 10G an der pflanze Aber Überraschen waren es 35 g trocken und hätte ich die pflanze alles gegeben, was sie wollte und ihn ruhe wachsen lassen wären es sicherlich Mehr. Der Geschmack ist der Wahnsinn lecker sehr Citro Note und süßlich, einfach herrlich der high angenehm und lang. Fazit dieser strane ist extrem anfängerfreundlich, ich empfehle diesen strane auf jeden Fall weiter.

    Por J. V. Em 01/Sep/2023 :

    Título : Chris J
    Comentários : Sehr guter Geschmack. Schnelles Wachstum und kompakte Buds.

    Por T. A. Em 14/Aug/2023 :

    Título : Flawless
    Comentários : Shipping was fast and discreet, and no lies on how fast this strain grows. Very uniformed grow, and very quickly. Very good low maintenance/beginner strain. Currently 33 days into grow and is already developing flowers

    Por A. F. Em 10/Aug/2023 :

    Título : F1 epsilon
    Comentários : 2 out of 2 I am in 2 week flowering and they look great and grown fast and same size , looking forward for the result

    Por E. H. Em 09/Aug/2023 :

    Título : Quick and resistant
    Comentários : Grew 9x of these in 4L RQS geotextile pots with RQS seaweed, bio flowering booster & probiotics. Unfortunately coco from Canna Terra was contaminated with broad mite eggs so been fighting an infestation since week 3-4. Plants are nonetheless finishing in 5 days from now & on time! Yield looks quite promising, fat colas. Smells of lavender and blueberry. Overall impressed, will definitely buy more of these seeds when I can afford them!!

    Por P. S. Em 02/Aug/2023 :

    Título : idk :)
    Comentários : 2/3 germinated. around 9weeks. Not big diffrence in size compared to Royal Bluematic, same conditions. I feel like this f1 is overhyped but idk, the smell is there, and i cant feel any significant diffrents. I have 2 more seeds i need to try whit stess testing this time, and maby then its gets the real recognion but for know i dont know for now.. still learning. Room temp: 25 to 36. (switchbot) feels like overpriced, I don't believe in magic. but I still have my hopes up, they are queen seeds after all.. So it must be my fault.. right?

    Por H. K. Em 31/Jul/2023 :

    Título : Seany
    Comentários : eine echt flotte Pflanze die kaum riecht in der Blüte. Gut für eine kleine Terrasse oder Balkon

    Por N. M. Em 28/Jul/2023 :

    Título : nick
    Comentários : Bleffé !!! En 2 mois, jour pour jour et avec un minimum d'attention, j ai récolté 40 grs de weed. Plant de 80 cm avec des buds bien gonflées. Super claque niveau effet, hyper relaxant avec la joie de vivre. Franchement >>> ETONNANT

    Por S. R. Em 24/Jul/2023 :

    Título : Sven
    Comentários : Relativ klein geblieben, jedoch voll in der Blüte und ein einzigartiger Geruch, , riecht nur nach Berührung, sonst trotz Blüte so gut wie gar nicht und wenn doch nicht typisch, sondern einfach anders! Top , ich freue mich schon auf die Ernte!

    Por B. R. Em 10/Jul/2023 :

    Título : Oi.... dammit slow down
    Comentários : Maybe i shouldnt have tried these for my first autos... i really wasnt prepared for the speed. I'm used to taking my time and letting the plant root thoroughly before potting on to a bigger pot etc. While i can appreciate that it does exactly what it says on the tin... i'm not really a fan, i cant maintain stable growing conditions and usually rely on being able to take my time in the veg stage to even out any kinks in the grow. These plants dont give you a chance to fix any problems. They keep going whether you are satisfied with a growth stage or not. If you are in a rush then these plants will deliver rapid results. Unfortunately i wasnt prepared properly.... i'll get it right next time.

    Por V. H. Em 04/Jul/2023 :

    Título : The Most Rapid
    Comentários : Start to finish 60 days flat. Short stocky plants, dense buds, great yield, great taste, energetic uplifting high. Brilliant!

    Por R. P. Em 30/Jun/2023 :

    Título : Pierre
    Comentários : N’ayant pas beaucoup de place, elle a germer dans un pot textile de 5litres. Et bin rendement pas terrible. Germer le 29/04, récolter le 29/06, c’est en train de sécher mais j’ai a vu d’œil grand max 10g donc déçu du rendement, faut sûrement un pot plus gros, j’attends de goûter, en tout cas les feuilles sont pleines de trichomes 😍

    Por C. M. Em 27/Jun/2023 :

    Título : oknotok
    Comentários : Correct harvest in 60 days. Bud of quality and good taste. Only 3 out of 5 seeds germinated. Good but expensive.

    Por R. D. Em 26/Jun/2023 :

    Título : Molto soddisfatto.
    Comentários : Ho acquistato 5 semi per curiosità e fare un ciclo primaverile outdoor. 5/5 germinati, 65 giorni totali per un raccolto più che soddisfacente. Aspetto con ansia una fotoperiodica F1 di RQS, sempre una garanzia.

    Por L. C. Em 21/Jun/2023 :

    Título : Impressive
    Comentários : Planted one seed which emerged in 72 hours, grew really quickly and was ready in 10 weeks. Very mild smell makes this variety perfect for stealth growing inside or outdoors. Tastes very nice and has a good effect, creative and active. Very easy to grow.

    Por M. P. Em 12/Jun/2023 :

    Título : Matte
    Comentários : Bra grejer på Royalqueenseeds !!

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